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Series 200
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valve design is the most common type of rotary valve and provides low weight to Cv Ratio combined with simplicity of design and comparatively low cost.

It is a simple device to control or block the flow, a single vane or wafer disc pivots in the valve body. They can be found on a wide variety of applications for throttling or two position control in the chemical, paper and pulp, sugar industries, cooling water circulation, water treatment plants, compressed air, gas plant, flue gas desulphurisation plants etc.

Butterfly Valves have been around the industry for decades, performing well defined tasks and are Economic alternative to Gate valves, Ball valves, Plug valves etc


Design Code Wafer 
Valve Size 50 to 900 mm (2” to 36”)
Rating 50 to 900mm (2" to 36")
Flow Characteristic Throttling, On-Off
Body Material Cast Iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Vane Material Vane Material
Body Sleeve Neoprene, Nitrile, Teflon, EPDM, Silicon, Butyl, Viton
Soft Seat Teflon
Gland Packing PTFE Chevrons, Graphite, Low emission
Actuator Form Diaphragm, Piston or Electric
Actuator Type Rotary
Diaphragm Nitrile / Neoprene (nylon reinforced)
Spring Range 3 – 15 Psig (0.2 – 1.0 Kg/cm2) 6 – 30 Psig (0.4 – 2.0 Kg/cm2)
Air supply 20 – 35 Psig (1.4 – 2.5 Kg/cm2)
Air Connection 1/ 4” or 1/ 2” NPT
Accessories Valve Positioners - Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Smart
Instruments - Airset, Solenoid Valve, Volume Booster, Airlock, Limit Switches
Features Top or Side Mounted hand wheel, Limit Stops Removable Blind Head, Steam Jacketing etc.


Design Features

  • Compact simple design low cost and maintenance free. 
  • High CV to Body size ratio. 
  • Reliable smooth operation and flow control. 
  • Bubble tight shut off, leakage Class VI. 
  • Rangeability of 33:1 in the control range
  • Flow Characteristic throttling for modulating duty. 


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