Volume Boosters

Volume Booster is a high volume amplifier used to increase the operating speed of the actuator, preventing the time lags, in the systems where controller and the control valve are sep- arated by extremely long piping runs.

Volume Booster receives the low volume signal from the controller and transmits from an auxiliary supply a high volume signal to the control valve actuator.

Volume Booster is specially recommended for the use with large capacity diaphragm actuator.


Connections 1 /4”  1/2" 3/4" NPT (F)
Max. Supply Pressure Must be same as final control device. Up to 40 psig normally used with diaphragm actuators. Up to 150 Psig normally used with piston actuators.
Pressure Ratio 1:1
Output Capacity 13.5 or 115 SCFM
Flow Capacity ( Cv ) : 1.02 or 3.0
Reproducibility 0.1 %
Temperature -20o to 70o
MOC Aluminum LM6 or Stainless steel


Design Features

  • Improves the stroking speed of large diaphragm actuated valves.
  • Allows normally slow actuator response to the slow signal changes produced by usual process variations.
  • Soft seat provides tight shut off to prevent unnecessary air consumption.


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