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Valve Solutions, undertake valve and actuator servicing in both their factory and on site and are able to offer a full range of services from a simple service inspection to a full valve upgrade where necessary.

Valve Solutions are also able to offer extensive Valve training onsite or offsite and we also offer Valve and Application Consultancy covering a wide range of subjects.


As a designer and manufacturer of actuated control valves, we are able to provide additional expertise to the fit and finish of the product which goes beyond that of what most other valve refurbishers' can offer.

When undertaking valve repair and refurbishment in the works they benefit from our well-equipped machine shop. We can turn up to 36 inches, mill drill and slot components as required in the manufacture of trims, shafts and interface components. The assembly shop is well equipped with all the necessary hand tools and power tools. We have a full range of inspection instruments, a valve test rig and test flanges up to 36" for large heavy rated valves.

The works has lifting capability up to 8 tons, a spray booth and both TIG and MIG welding facilities.

We have 3D modelling in house, using SolidWorks and our own state of the art valve sizing program that is IEC compliant and used to analyse and determine the suitability of control valve applications against existing process conditions. This allows us to recommend, design and manufacture a trim set better suited to the process conditions. We can then upgrade valve trims, where the size and design allows, to multiple cage or multi-turn disk stack solutions.

Onsite Services

On site shutdown repair and refurbishment is a service we offer, using our own valve technicians and supported by one of our graduate or chartered engineers. This procedure allows us to analyse any damage, review the process conditions, re-size and/or re-engineer the valve to ensure the best solution is offered.

This review and upgrade can be undertaken with our own valves and those of other manufacturers.

An important part of any valve performance review is to ensure that the actuator is in authority over the process for the full range of conditions. On some flow applications, both compressible and incompressible, actuator stiffness is the key to a stable control environment. We can re-fit our custom made piston actuators up to 300 sq. in, both single and double acting with spring fail safe or volume tanks as required. A full range of accessories can be fitted to optimise operation and these can be plate mounted of box enclosed where required.

All of our technicians are Swagelok trained to ensure neat and sound installation practice.


Valve training and education can be provided both on site and off site. This is available either in pre-specified modules or individually to suit particular requirements. Typical subjects covered include the following.

  • Control valves types and trim technology.
  • Sizing and selection considerations.
  • Materials of construction and metallurgical consideration.
  • Actuator types and selection.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Maintenance
  • Application consideration


Valve Solutions can provide independent valve and application consultancy covering a wide range of subjects. This can be used to supplement or replace the engineering capability of an organisation. Typical subjects covered include the following.

  • Control and Choke valves design support.
  • Application guidelines.
  • Independent analysis.
  • Special valve and actuator applications.
  • Metallurgical analysis.

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